About Therapy Aid Coalition

In mid-March, 2020, Therapy Aid Coalition launched its first initiative, Coronavirus Online Therapy. We held the intention of connecting essential workers with free and low-cost online therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  To date, we have thousands of participating therapists within all 50 US States, and have served victims of national disasters and crises within the US. We presently offer services to US healthcare professionals and first responders.

Mission Statement:

Therapy Aid Coalition's mission is to develop a national network of psychotherapists, capable of supporting the mental wellness of healthcare professionals and first responders, as well as to respond to crises that occur within the United States. By offering support, training and volunteer opportunities to our psychotherapists, we are able to ensure those responding to, and impacted by national crises receive prompt quality care and support.  By providing training opportunities and a community of support to our network of psychotherapists, we reduce the risk of burnout and vicarious traumatization.

Our Values:

  • Therapy should be accessible and affordable for first responders, healthcare professionals and those responding to, and impacted by national crises

  • Therapists should be supported and valued for their expertise

  • Therapists willing to support first responders and assist in crises should be given training opportunities and support

Our Goals:

  • To serve healthcare professionals, first responders, and those impacted by national disasters and crises within the USA

  • To generate a treatment fund, to cover costs of therapy for those in need

  • To expand our network of therapists, nationwide

  • To create free training and continuing education opportunities to support our therapists, create culturally competent clinicians, prevent burnout and assist in reducing the likelihood of vicarious traumatization

  • To develop partnerships with agencies (both public and private), in order to support our responders and to promptly deploy assistance during crises