Whom We Serve

Therapy Aid Coalition is presently serving healthcare professionals and first responders. We do not serve the general public.

Free and low-cost sessions are criteria-dependent, and you must qualify as a healthcare professional or first responder. If you are presently unemployed, but you were employed as a healthcare professional or first responder anytime in 2020 or after, we are happy to serve you.

Our past initiatives have included:

Essential Workers Campaign - 3/15/2020-8/31/2022:

For two and half years, Therapy Aid served all types of essential workers in the US impacted by the covid pandemic. We are proud to have offered thousands of sessions during this time.

2020 California and Colorado Wildfires having served individuals impacted by the following incidents:

California: Slater/Devil, Fox, Red Salmon Complex, Hobo, Spring, August Complex, Sheep, North Complex, Claremont, Bear, Fork, Slink, Bell, Wolf, Blue Jay, Horse, North Whizz Dome, Woodward, Dolan, Creek, Bullfrog, Moraine, Rattlesnake, SQF Complex, Apple, El Dorado, Snow, and Valley Fires

Colorado: Cameron Peak, CalWood, Lefthand Canyon, Middlefork, East Troublesome, Deep Creek, Williams Fork, Thorpe, Grizzly Creek & Pine Gulch Fires

March 22nd Table Mesa Shooting in Boulder, CO:

Therapy Aid offered free drop-in crisis counseling in Boulder, CO, as well as free online therapy to those directly impacted by the King Soopers shooting.

As we grow, and have capacity, Therapy Aid plans to continue expansion to include FEMA incidents nationwide.